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Miranda Zero and the End of Ages

Miranda Zero and the End of Ages Miranda Zero is an extrapolation of Frank Kermode’s idea that all men live in the “middest”. He uses her to highlight what can be done by a person if they remove themselves from … Continue reading

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Big Wheel

BIG WHEEL Warren Ellis’s chapter Big Wheel was probably the most standout chapter which kept my mind actively engaged as I continued to read the graphic novel. For me, the scene in which global frequency member 436 talks about her … Continue reading

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The Feminism behind “Big Wheel”

When first reading Global Frequency by Warren Ellis, the chapter “Big Wheel” immediately grabbed my attention. Within the chapter we face the topic of feminism in technology. In “A Manifesto for Cyborgs,” Donna Haraway writes, “a cyborg is a cybernetic … Continue reading

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Heidegger and the CCTV Revolution

In chapter 8 of Warren Ellis’ Global Frequency, we find a kidnapping in progress where Miranda Zero must be quickly rescued from her captor. The members of the global frequency jump into action and are using the available technology to … Continue reading

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