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World of Warcraft as Spatial Practice

In the essay A Hollow World: World of Warcraft as Spatial Practice, Espen Aarseth investigates the world of Azeroth as a fictionlized spatial region that resembles a theme park rather than the real world. Aarseth compares other games to each … Continue reading

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Time is Money (Option #2)

Blizzard is implementing a new item into World of Warcraft called the WoW token. This token can be purchased using real money and sold in-game on the auction house for gold. The purpose of the token is that it can … Continue reading

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World of Warcraft as a Television Show

The part of World of Warcraft that I find to be most interesting is that of the quest. Specifically in regards to the ways that quests are also narratives within the game itself. World of Warcraft is a very interesting … Continue reading

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U.S. Government — Pynchon’s Commentary of Our Evils

“Same as Nicaragua, El Salvador, Ronald Reagan and his people, Schachtmanite goons like Elliott Abrams, turning Central America into a slaughterhouse all to play out their little anti-Communist fantasies. Guatemala by then had fallen under the control of a mass … Continue reading

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Jewish and Russian Trends in Bleeding Edge

“’I knew most of it already, but thanks.’ ‘You know about Ice being Jewish.’ ‘Yes and Superman too, so what, excuse me, it’s 1943 again? what’s the obsession with you people?’ ‘He did hire your brother-in-law’ ’So? You’re saying these … Continue reading

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