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World of Warcraft as Spatial Practice

In the essay A Hollow World: World of Warcraft as Spatial Practice, Espen Aarseth investigates the world of Azeroth as a fictionlized spatial region that resembles a theme park rather than the real world. Aarseth compares other games to each … Continue reading

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Deferral and Repetition in Quests and World of Warcraft

In her essay “Quests in World of Warcraft: Deferral and Repetition,” Jill Walker Rettberg explores the purpose of quests in World of Warcraft and suggests that deferral and repetition are the two complementary rhetorical figures that characterize these quests and … Continue reading

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Quests as Procedure

I want to look at how the quests are set up and how you interact with each member in the game to complete those quests. I want to make the argument that quests give World of Warcraft (WoW) the meaning … Continue reading

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