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Think of me as the Prophet

“Ain’t like I was ever Alfred Hitchcock or somethin. You can watch my stuff till you’re cross-eyed and there’ll never be any deeper meaning. I see something interesting, I shoot it is all. Future of film if you want to … Continue reading

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No, Mass Surveillance Won’t Stop Terrorist Attacks

In the wake of our discussion regarding Global Frequency and the impact of 9/11, I found this article was especially relevant. The article discusses the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of increasing surveillance in efforts to prevent attacks. A few reading responses touched on the use … Continue reading

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Technology as a Vehicle for Death

I’d like someone to comment on the possibility of religious intentions in Global Frequency. I’m explicitly talking about a moment in the first episode where Ally Fitzgerald (the one called upon to pilot a helicopter after drinking beer in bed) … Continue reading

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No End to the Crises; No Hope for World Peace

Global Frequency consists of a number of episodes detailing the undertakings of the agency as it works to resolve crises around the world.  Each episode begins and ends abruptly, with minimal buildup and conclusion. The structure of the collection, moving … Continue reading

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Human Emotions Interrupting Technological Preformances

Global Frequency spends great deals of its energy on looking at how humans differ from that of machines or other beings. I think this concept of human vs. machine is apparent throughout the entirety of the graphic novel, however the … Continue reading

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