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Alephing the SITuAtion

The specific moment that I would like to draw attention to from Warren Ellis’s Global Frequency is at the very end of the episode titled “The Run” where Sita took care of the “dirty bomb” that was in the car of the Eye in … Continue reading

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Technology Connecting the World?

The specific moment I will be focusing on occurs in the opening panels of the “unnamed” chapter involving Takashi Sato. When thinking about the form used throughout this comic, I immediately remembered this chapter because of the fact that it … Continue reading

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Heaven’s One Hundred : Technological Worshipers

Ellis’s graphic novel Global Frequency portrays an organization designed to oversee and handle crisis on a global scale. This crisis involves crisis in and of itself. This crisis is one of Kermode’s own definition. That is “a tendency to conceive the end as … Continue reading

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Janos Voyan: a Standing Reserve

Bombhead, the first chapter of Warren Ellis’s Global Frequency, stood out to me. Global Frequency is a comic exploring the problems caused by technology that humans have brought on themselves. The first chapter is about a man who has a … Continue reading

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Takashi Sato Leaves the Standing-Reserve

The scene from The Global Frequency I want to discuss is when Takashi Sato is called upon for a mission in a hospital in Osaka, Japan. I believe that this part of the comic relates to Heidegger’s idea of the standing-reserve.  Sato was … Continue reading

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The Standing Reserve

For this post I’d like to focus on the moment in Global Frequency when Sita Patel is patched through to the global frequency. Within moments of the initial call, she is first introduced to the threat at hand, biological warfare. … Continue reading

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