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David Cross’s Stand Up Comedy

Bradley mentioned David Cross today during the discussion so I decided to look up his stand up comedy. The one that I believe Bradley was referring to is called Its Not Funny from 2004. The audio playlist can be found on YouTube so … Continue reading

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March Kelleher––women don’t like the way she turns herself out, men don’t like her attitude.

For my blog post, I chose option 3 and I would like to tie in Haraway’s idea of a posthuman cyborg woman with Pynchon’s character, March Kelleher. After March gives her enigmatic and way beyond her audience’s head type of … Continue reading

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March the Conspiracy Theorist

Mike shows up with the food. Maxine sit peeling her banana, slicing it over the cereal, trying to keep her eyes wide and unjudging while March digs in to her high-cholesterol eats and is soon talking with her mouth full. … Continue reading

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Y2K to 9/11

As Pynchon is highly allusive to other works of culture, I tried to understand this book as deep as I could. Of course, the major historical event of this book is the 9/11 terrorist attacks. However, there are small minor … Continue reading

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Shaken Not Stirred

“Please. I just chase embezzlers, what do I look like, James Bond?” This is Maxine’s response to March’s suggestion to post some of the information that Maxine has discovered to her weblog. Maxine believes that she isn’t like the 1950s … Continue reading

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9/11 Reflections

Reading Thomas Pynchon’s passage of the 9/11 incidents gave me chills. I was only in third grade when this tragedy occurred and although I did not fully understand the implications of it at that time, I remember that day very … Continue reading

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From Slavoj Žižek’s Welcome to the Desert of the Real!

The fact that the September 11 attacks were the stuff of popular fantasies long before they actually took place provides yet another case of the twisted logic of dreams: it is easy to account for the fact that poor people … Continue reading

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