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Losing Yourself in the Game: History in World of Warcraft.

I completed my History Major last semester, so I have a natural inclination towards stories behind stories. I enjoy looking back to see what causes perpetuated the effects we see today. Since I did this at a university, as a … Continue reading

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The Chronicles of Warcraft

Option #3, Intertextuality As with any new experience, playing a game for the first time can always feel awkward or intimidating. Since World of Warcraft is such a popular MMORPG, I was even more intimidated by the massive amount of … Continue reading

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The Ending of Braid

The ending of Jonathan Blow‘s Braid (Redmond, WA: Microsoft Studios, 2008), originally released on Xbox 360.

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A Note on the Pynchon Wiki

A number of you noted that you were not being granted permission to edit the Pynchon Wiki. Well, I just got my authorization today. It wound up in my gmail spam folder, so you may want to check your spam … Continue reading

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“I’M EVIL” and Truthful

“Soon as they step out of the elevator they can hear Elvis-movie music. ‘Uh-oh,’ Tallis looking for her keys. Before she can find them, the door is flung open and a less-than-towering presence starts in with the emotions. Behind him … Continue reading

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Time and Wolfenstein

“Liquor-store cartons full of personal effects are stacked around haphazardly, and most of the limited floor space is littered with unwashed laundry, Chinese take-out containers and pizza boxes, empty Smirnoff Ice bottles, old copies of Heavy Metal, Maxim, and Anal … Continue reading

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Jewish and Russian Trends in Bleeding Edge

“’I knew most of it already, but thanks.’ ‘You know about Ice being Jewish.’ ‘Yes and Superman too, so what, excuse me, it’s 1943 again? what’s the obsession with you people?’ ‘He did hire your brother-in-law’ ’So? You’re saying these … Continue reading

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