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A Note on the Pynchon Wiki

A number of you noted that you were not being granted permission to edit the Pynchon Wiki. Well, I just got my authorization today. It wound up in my gmail spam folder, so you may want to check your spam … Continue reading

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Geek ‘n Sleep

An unsurprised nod. “Bust he is, I don’t know, a suspect in something?” Gazing toward a neutral corner, voice softening to edgelessness, The Geek That Couldn’t Sleep. A make-believe horror movie we used to pretend we were in. Gabe was … Continue reading

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“I’M EVIL” and Truthful

“Soon as they step out of the elevator they can hear Elvis-movie music. ‘Uh-oh,’ Tallis looking for her keys. Before she can find them, the door is flung open and a less-than-towering presence starts in with the emotions. Behind him … Continue reading

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Time and Wolfenstein

“Liquor-store cartons full of personal effects are stacked around haphazardly, and most of the limited floor space is littered with unwashed laundry, Chinese take-out containers and pizza boxes, empty Smirnoff Ice bottles, old copies of Heavy Metal, Maxim, and Anal … Continue reading

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March Kelleher––women don’t like the way she turns herself out, men don’t like her attitude.

For my blog post, I chose option 3 and I would like to tie in Haraway’s idea of a posthuman cyborg woman with Pynchon’s character, March Kelleher. After March gives her enigmatic and way beyond her audience’s head type of … Continue reading

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Cold War till Now, Has Anything Really Changed?

“ ‘You know where it all comes from, this online paradise of yours? It started back during the Cold War, when the think tanks were full of geniuses plotting nuclear scenarios. Attaché cases and horn-rims, every appearance of scholarly sanity, … Continue reading

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Return of the Kozmonauts

“Marvin. You’re up early. What’s with the outfit, you guys folded weeks ago.” “Don’t mean I have to  stop ridin. My legs are still pumpin, no mechanical issues with the bike, I can ride forever, I’m the Flyin Dutchmahn.”  …His … Continue reading

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