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Balance point in the World of Warcraft

In Espen Asrseth’s article “A Hollow World: World of Warcraft as Spatial”, at the very beginning, Asrseth introduces some advantages and disadvantages of Wow when comparing with other famous video games. For example, Blizzard did not use the “experience debt” … Continue reading

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Pynchon thinks the internet is “RANDOM”

“All goes well till the night of September 10th, when suddenly these numbers coming out of Princeton began to depart from randomness, I mean really abruptly, drastically, no explanation. You can look it up, the graphs are posted on their … Continue reading

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The internet

“She’s lost. There is no map. It isn’t like being lost in any of the romantic tourist destinations back in meatspace. Serendipities here are unlikely to be in the cards, only a feeling she recognizes from dreams, a sense of … Continue reading

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Some ideas about Pynchon’s different kinds of novels

Before I read Thomas Pynchon’s novel “Bleeding Edge”, I have a chance reading his another novel named “Vineland 1990”. As far as I am concerned, these two novels are completely different types of novel. In “Vineland 1990”, Pynchon talks about … Continue reading

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A generation renovates the world?

One thousand and one people: instead of calling them by their real names, all of them prefer to be called by their identity numbers. One thousand and one people: each has different abilities. They are responsible for solving any terrorist … Continue reading

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