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Oh, you’re one of THOSE guys

While delving further into the issues involving racism with class selection as discussed in class, I also came across a large amount of online material regarding how each class has its own stereotype of gamer as well.  I found out that the … Continue reading

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Chat Box of Power

Most of the time, creating habituation is enough: making players want to come back to visit your game, whether or not they want to eke out every morsel of performance…(Bogost, 133). Think back to a time when you first started … Continue reading

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Read, Rework, Repeat

“Guess I’m running a little late, guys.” “Go to your room,” Otis shrugging into his backpack and out the door, “you are, like, so grounded.” Ziggy Surprising her with an unsolicited air kiss, ”See you later at pickup, OK?” “Give … Continue reading

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What’s Cooler Than Being Cool? ICE Cold!

Throughout the entire first half Thomas Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge, I noticed seemingly countless instances where Pynchon’s use of prose leads to “more than initially meets the eye.”  These moments allude to some greater piece of the larger puzzle while also … Continue reading

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Alephing the SITuAtion

The specific moment that I would like to draw attention to from Warren Ellis’s Global Frequency is at the very end of the episode titled “The Run” where Sita took care of the “dirty bomb” that was in the car of the Eye in … Continue reading

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