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The Guild – Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

I recently stumbled onto this video dating back to 2009 during my search for articles concerning self-projection in video games. Even though it is a trailer for a web-series, it does breach the surface of self-projection in video games, particularly … Continue reading

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Death or How to Create Diegetic Opportunities out of Non-Diegetic Machine Acts

Most video gamers can recognize that the act of dying usually indicates the end of gameplay. That is, all players can understand that when ones character meets death they relinquish their ability to control or to act. In Galloway’s words, … Continue reading

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Second Hand Gaming : experiencing the diegesis through a non-gamic medium.

One aspect of the video game medium that has recently and steadily popularized is the ability for such a medium to be enjoyed at more than a first hand experience. In the past, most people have experienced video games through … Continue reading

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Zen and Liberty City

Bogost mentions a Machinima based on finding a way to “hide from the game”, in this case Grand Theft Auto III. It’s interesting to see the extent that Munroe takes to avoid core story gameplay and focus on the exploration … Continue reading

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“You ever try Hydro Thunder?” (Pynchon, 292)

Chapter 27 incurs the return of Horst, Ziggy, and Otis and recounts their trip to the midwest. The brunt of the first section acts as their recollection of the entirety of their expedition focusing heavily on their mission to find arcades. Pynchon … Continue reading

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Pynchon and Comparisons Galore

…the smoothly cross-dawning image of an interior whose detail, for a moment breathtakingly, is far in advance of anything she’s seen on the gaming platforms Ziggy and his friends tend to use, flaring beyond the basic video game brown of the time … Continue reading

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Machinima and Monty Oum

I thought it was coincidental that we talked about machinima on Tuesday’s class. As we discussed, machinima is “a method of making animated film using software similar to that designed for making video and computer games.” Recently Monty Oum, a well … Continue reading

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