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Klastrup, Death and Reflection in Warcraft

In her essay What Makes World of Warcraft a World?  A Note on Death and Dying, Lisbeth Klastrup seeks “to explore what the stories told about death and dying tell us about what behaviors and experiences in general matter to … Continue reading

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Warren Ellis Interview

Hey guys, I found this really interesting Q&A with Warren Ellis.  Notable that according to this interview, if the world was ending Ellis would want preserve Pynchon’s Against the Day as a record of human civilization.

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Pynchon’s Reference to Jaws

“March is wearing novelty slippers each shaped like a shark, with sound chips in the heels so when she walks around they play the opening of the Jaws (1975) theme.  ‘Where can I find these, price is no object, I … Continue reading

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Marvin the Kozmonaut

“Maxine squints through the peephole and here’s Marvin the kozmonaut, dreads pushed up under his bike helmet, orange jacket and blue cargo pants, and over his shoulder an orange messenger bag with the running-man logo of the recently failed” … Continue reading

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The Americans, Technology and Standing Reserve

As we have discussed topics like the Cold War, and specifically the technology and remnants of the Cold War, I wanted to bring the class’ attention to The Americans, which in my opinion is one of the best programs currently … Continue reading

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Haraway and the Cyborgs of ‘Big Wheel’

In the chapter of Global Frequency entitled ‘Big Wheel’, the reader is introduced to two cyborgs.  The first cyborg that the reader is introduced to is Agent 436, a former CIA operative with cybernetic enhancements, such as an enhanced arm. … Continue reading

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Ghost in the Shell and Haraway During class discussion of Haraway’s A Manifesto for Cyborgs, I found myself reminded of the classic Japanese manga/anime Ghost in the Shell due to the extremely similar themes.  In addition, a Hollywood film adaptation starring Scarlett Johansson has recently … Continue reading

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