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Procedural Analysis of Reputation

I came to know about the reputation system in World of Warcraft as I investigated the mount system that players gain access to at level 20. I found myself in a unique situation because, as a Worgen Druid, I had … Continue reading

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Nondiegetic Battle in Bravely Default

Talking about Galloway’s “Gamic Action, Four Moments” and the diegesis of games, I found especially interesting the discussion of nondiegetic battle systems. Much like in World of Warcraft, RPGs like the Final Fantasy series and the Fire Emblem series place … Continue reading

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Boys will be boys…and so will girls?

As a self-proclaimed member of the video game community, I took great interest into Fiona’s involvement with machinima during her summer camp trip. Vyrva showing signs of early parent bewilderment. “[Fiona’s] suddenly doing Quake movies. Some of them are online, … Continue reading

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Graphics of DeepArcher and Final Fantasy

I just came across this article this morning on the quality of the hair graphics in the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. For anyone that has not played any of the games, this will hopefully give you a frame of reference … Continue reading

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Pynchon’s Deep Web

Reading through my first Pynchon work thus far has been a unique experience to say the least. Many of the references and examples he draws upon walk the fine line between historical fact and fiction. One particular passage about the … Continue reading

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Irony and Peripeteia

I just came across this article that discusses plot twists in narrative (including comics) and thought that it raised some interesting points not only about experiencing twists but writing them as well. Enjoy!

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Aleph: Standing-Reserve and Reversal of Roles

The dynamic between Aleph and Miranda Zero throughout the episodic adventures of Global Frequency is one of the most deep and interesting of the series to say the least. It is highlighted most clearly in the chapter “Aleph”, in which … Continue reading

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