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Blizzard is trending

Saw that this was trending today and it caught my attention. Blizzard Entertainment banned 100,000 subscribers for gold farming and other illegal game play. Advertisements

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Hello, At some point, I remember Brad mentioning the South Park episode called “Make Love Not Warcraft” and it was quoted in the Nakamura reading for tomorrow’s class so I wanted to watch this South Park episode. I found it … Continue reading

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Azeroth = Disney World

Option 1: Criticism I chose to read and analyze the essay, “A Hollow World: World of Warcraft as Spatial Practice” by Espen Aarseth, from Digital Culture, Play, and Identity: A “World of Warcraft” Reader. Aarseth primarily focuses on how Azeroth … Continue reading

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David Cross’s Stand Up Comedy

Bradley mentioned David Cross today during the discussion so I decided to look up his stand up comedy. The one that I believe Bradley was referring to is called Its Not Funny from 2004. The audio playlist can be found on YouTube so … Continue reading

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The Master Builder

“The atrocity site, which one would have expected to become sacred or at least inspire a little respect, swiftly becomes occasion instead for open-ended sagas of wheeling and dealing, bickering and badmouthing over its future as real estate, all dutifully … Continue reading

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9/11 Reflections

Reading Thomas Pynchon’s passage of the 9/11 incidents gave me chills. I was only in third grade when this tragedy occurred and although I did not fully understand the implications of it at that time, I remember that day very … Continue reading

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Brenda and Basil

“SHE’S IN THE SHOWER trying to get lucid when somebody sticks their head around the curtain and begins making with the shrill ee-ee-ee shower-scene effects from Psycho (1960). Time was she would have screamed, had some kind of episode, but … Continue reading

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