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Playing the Ghost Class: a Protological Response to Death

As a game, World of Warcraft has many protological aspects, but one in particular opens up possibilities that may or may not have been intended. This is the protocol of death. The “corpse run” that the player makes upon death … Continue reading

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Xbox One Memes

I brought up in class the Xbox One controversy and how tactical media was used to turn pretty much the entire internet against Microsoft. At the time, you couldn’t browse any meme outlet without seeing dozens of these: playing off … Continue reading

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Guns and Butterflies; Maxine and Mothra

“Well, for instance in connection with The Deseret corpse and this mafioso you’re apparently also dating concurrently?” “Who – Rocky Slagiatt? He’s some kind of suspect now? What do you mean, dating?” “Well of course we assumed you and Mr. … Continue reading

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Marvin the Kozmonaut: The Uncanny History

“”Strange, I’m not expecting anything, you must have me mixed up with some other lowlife again.” Except Marvin has an uncanny history of always showing up with items Maxine knows she didn’t order but which prove each time to be … Continue reading

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Hundred: The Modern End?

One moment in Chapters 1-6 of Warren Ellis’s Global Frequency that stood out to me was in the fourth issue, Hundred, when the “Heaven’s One Hundred” group’s plan is described. It reminded me of some of Frank Kermode’s points about … Continue reading

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