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Gold Farming: What’s it like to actually do it for a living?

Turns it out it’s not all that fun to be playing video games for a living, contrary to what many people might think.  Julian Dibbell wrote a fascinating article interviewing and describing life in Chinese gold farms for the New York Times. … Continue reading

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Gamic Pleasure from Seasonal Events and Collection Tasks

As many of us may have noticed, an event called Noblegarden became available on World of Warcraft servers with the arrival of Easter Sunday and will continue for an entire week.  For Alliance members, quests can be completed in the … Continue reading

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Twin Towers and Twin Buddhas

“Despite impassioned appeals from around the world, two colossal statues of the Buddha, the tallest standing statues of him in the world, carved in the fifth century from a sandstone cliffside near Bamiyan, have been for a month now dynamited … Continue reading

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Pynchon’s Criticism of Gentrification

“The sleazy old Deuce she remembers from her less responsible youth is so no more, Giuliani and his developer friends and the forces of suburban righteousness have swept the place Disneyfied and sterile—the melancholy bars, the cholesterol and fat dispensaries … Continue reading

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Crafting a Response to an “End”… through Words

I wish to explore the characters’ responses to a possible apocalyptic ending in Global Frequency by visiting its final installment, “Harpoon.” Starting from the title itself, we can see elements of an “end” from the word choice and dialogue throughout this … Continue reading

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