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World of Warcraft as a Television Show

The part of World of Warcraft that I find to be most interesting is that of the quest. Specifically in regards to the ways that quests are also narratives within the game itself. World of Warcraft is a very interesting … Continue reading

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“I’M EVIL” and Truthful

“Soon as they step out of the elevator they can hear Elvis-movie music. ‘Uh-oh,’ Tallis looking for her keys. Before she can find them, the door is flung open and a less-than-towering presence starts in with the emotions. Behind him … Continue reading

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Foreshadowing and Misunderstandings: An Airport

“A voice comes on the PA, making an announcement in English, though Maxine is suddenly unable to understand a word. The sort of resonant voice in which events are solemnly foretold, not at all a voice she would ever want … Continue reading

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Human Emotions Interrupting Technological Preformances

Global Frequency spends great deals of its energy on looking at how humans differ from that of machines or other beings. I think this concept of human vs. machine is apparent throughout the entirety of the graphic novel, however the … Continue reading

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