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Artistic Changes Entering the Spirit Realm After Death

A procedural aspect that I want to analyze more closely is the instance of death in the World of Warcraft. Being new to this game, I have found myself spending more time in this state then one would intend to … Continue reading

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Streetlight People

Reading Thomas Pynchon for the first time I found that there were many writing characteristics that he uses in his works that are very deliberate and contribute to overarching themes or emotions that might not be evident in the first … Continue reading

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DeepArcher Software

“The further you go, as you get passed along one node to the next, the visuals you think you’re seeing are being contributed by users all over the world. All for free. Hacker ethic. Each one doing their piece of … Continue reading

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One of the issues of Global Frequency that stood out to me was Invasive. One of the things that I liked from the series overall was having a new focal character in each issue. Even though there are core characters … Continue reading

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