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Corrupted Blood: How WoW Can Teach Us About Epidemics

One of the most infamous events in the history of World of Warcraft is the Corrupted Blood incident. This was an event driven by the procedure of debuffs. The Corrupted Blood debuff was part of the first dungeon released for … Continue reading

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DeepArcher Protocol

The aspect of Bleeding Edge I want to touch upon is the program DeepArcher. DeepArcher is, in my interpretation a standard for the users to navigate through the Deep Web. Pynchon describes the Deep Web as an abyss, without form, … Continue reading

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“Old-school HTML pages, in this case ‘He’s Taking More Lithium,’ everything encrypted, nothin any of us knew how to read. Ice wanted robot meta tags on everything. NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW, no nothin. It’s supposed to be for keeping pages away from … Continue reading

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Global Frequency’s Standing-Reserve

One thing that stood out to me as we talked today about the aspects of the Global Frequency organization was how each agent was called upon in each crisis. It struck me that the organization seemed to be using the … Continue reading

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