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A Little Orc History

As one of those most abundant races living on Azeroth., I have come across the Orcs as my personal favorite race because they will fight to the death for the defense of each other and for their adopted world. There … Continue reading

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The Creation of Azeroth: Distinctions between Azeroth and Earth

In WoW, the origin of the universe is not clear, but when it was formed, a race of Titans was formed. Their mission was to bring order to the universe and those in charge were called the Pantheon. The champion … Continue reading

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The Lewinsky Scandal

It’s an inexpensive tote in some autumnal print, with a gold-tone heart on it. “Fall and winter, right?” Now watch. Heidi reaches inside and turns the whole thing inside out, presenting a totally different bag, light colored and floral. “Spring … Continue reading

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Who is Marvin “the Kozmonaut”

“‘Marvin. You’re up early. What’s with the outfit, you guys folded weeks ago.’ ‘Don’t mean I have to stop ridin. My legs are still pumpin, no mechanical issues with the bike, I can ride forever, I’m the Flyin Dutchmahn.’ ‘Strange, … Continue reading

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Do we control IT? or Does IT control us?

The reader is not made aware of the genesis of Global Frequency (GF) operations until Warren Ellis takes you back in time to five years prior to the organization’s start. This particular scene reveals the first time that Miranda Zero … Continue reading

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