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WoW Companions, Gotta catch ém all!

Companions are little pets that players can buy in World of Warcraft. These companions do not serve any purpose to the diagesis of the game, except for the fact that they accompany the player wherever he/she goes. Blizzard released an … Continue reading

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Beware of exterminating rats in Stormwind, because this guy will exterminate you. Also, I found this advertisement of WoW on the web  Lastly, I’ve included a link to Luis von Ahn’s Ted Talk here. Von Ahn is from CMU, and … Continue reading

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Bogost’s Media Microecology set in terms of Biological Ecology

Bogust says that “media microecology seeks to reveal the impact of a medium’s properties on society. But it does so through a more specialized, focused attention to a single medium, digging deep into one dark, unexplored corner of a media … Continue reading

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Cyborg Anthropology Wiki

When I was writing my paper, I stumbled across a very interesting site that explores technology’s impact on culture. Click here to look around: there are many engaging topics and articles on cyborg anthropology.

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Break on Through (To the Other Side)

I chose to write about a reference on page 273. Igor describes Russian films when he adds, “not to mention greatest animated film ever made, Yozhik v Tumane (1975).” Maxine hears spasmodic sniffling and looks in the front seat to … Continue reading

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Vyrva, the Beanie Baby

In what follows I while attempt to persuade you that Vyrva and Beanie Babies are essentially the same. Throughout the novel, I’ve felt that Vyrva’s character never contributes any sustenance to the story. She seems to pop up in certain … Continue reading

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Technology as a Vehicle for Death

I’d like someone to comment on the possibility of religious intentions in Global Frequency. I’m explicitly talking about a moment in the first episode where Ally Fitzgerald (the one called upon to pilot a helicopter after drinking beer in bed) … Continue reading

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