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Diegisis of Menus

  When playing Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft there are many game mechanics that can be looked toward as having formal meaning. Of these many mechanics, the one that intrigues me the most are the menus in the game. At … Continue reading

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Links to a few Videogames Bogost Discussed

Below is a list of places to play or download some of the games that Ian Bogost discussed in the first three chapters of HOW TO DO THINGS WITH VIDEOGAMES: Chapter 1 (Art): Download of Passage Download of Marriage Download of … Continue reading

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Jewish and Russian Trends in Bleeding Edge

“’I knew most of it already, but thanks.’ ‘You know about Ice being Jewish.’ ‘Yes and Superman too, so what, excuse me, it’s 1943 again? what’s the obsession with you people?’ ‘He did hire your brother-in-law’ ’So? You’re saying these … Continue reading

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DeepArcher: The Deep Web and the “Real” World

“Originally the guys, you have to wonder how presciently, had it in mind to create a virtual sanctuary to escape from the many varieties of real world discomfort. A grand-scale motel for the afflicted, a destination reachable by virtual midnight … Continue reading

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A Few Useful Links for Bleeding Edge

I found a potentially useful link that might help with digesting Pynchon’s writing style. It has helped me to understand his twisting style thus far. Also, as suggested by Dan Willis, here is a link to the characters wikipedia page … Continue reading

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Heidegger and the CCTV Revolution

In chapter 8 of Warren Ellis’ Global Frequency, we find a kidnapping in progress where Miranda Zero must be quickly rescued from her captor. The members of the global frequency jump into action and are using the available technology to … Continue reading

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