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King of Stormwind = Hint to Success

I’d like to start by noting my underestimation of what “extensive narrative” truly meant. I was interested in “human” as the game defined it, but I quickly found that that was much too broad an interest. So I honed in … Continue reading

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Return of the Kozmonauts

“Marvin. You’re up early. What’s with the outfit, you guys folded weeks ago.” “Don’t mean I have to  stop ridin. My legs are still pumpin, no mechanical issues with the bike, I can ride forever, I’m the Flyin Dutchmahn.”  …His … Continue reading

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Erotic Umbrellas

On page 102 I had scribbled a large bracket and a pretty impressively proportional question mark to the side of the page. Even the lightest umbrella-to-umbrella contact can be erotic. “If it’s the right umbrella, you’re saying,” Heidi once sought to … Continue reading

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Manifesto for Enhanciles

Enhancile. It was somewhat comforting to go into this one with Donna Haraway at my side. I am fairly certain that without her Manifesto, all too much of the “Big Wheel” chapter would’ve been lost on me. My understanding of cyborgs was … Continue reading

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