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Bogost says, “Gamification is Bullshit.”

If anyone need some inspiration or just a really cool quick read, Bogost wrote an article for The Atlantic in 2011 called “Gamification is Bullshit.” See it here – this is especially great if you talk about gamification in your final paper!

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On Finals Week: I would prefer not to

Hi everyone! If anyone’s interested, here’s a PDF of Bartleby, The Scrivener. 

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Death is a part of life: another death, another blog post.

Lisbeth Klastrup discusses the aspect of death in World of Warcraft in her essay, “What makes World of Warcraft a World? A note on Death and Dying.” Klastrup forms her argument first by introducing what it means to study death … Continue reading

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March Kelleher––women don’t like the way she turns herself out, men don’t like her attitude.

For my blog post, I chose option 3 and I would like to tie in Haraway’s idea of a posthuman cyborg woman with Pynchon’s character, March Kelleher. After March gives her enigmatic and way beyond her audience’s head type of … Continue reading

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Gilles Deleuze’s & Félix Guattari’s Rhizome

While I was doing the reading for Galloway’s Protocol, I came across a word that was surprisingly–or maybe not so surprisingly–not an entry in the Apple dictionary (rhizomatic, page 8). Apparently it’s this incredible concept created by Deleuze and Guattari. The … Continue reading

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The revival of the city that never sleeps

“Next day, evening rush hour, it’s just starting to rain… sometimes she can’t resist, she needs to be out in the street. What might only be a simple point on the workday cycle, a reconvergence of what the day scattered … Continue reading

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Eyeborgs, cyborgs, etc. etc.

Hey everyone! I found a wonderful TED talk given by an artist who wears what he likes to call an “eyeborg.” Long story short, he was born blind and so this device he wears was created to transduce light frequencies into sound frequencies … Continue reading

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