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Gold Making Tips for those Continuing to Play WoW

After finishing my final paper, I just thought that I would share some gold making tips that I used or came across while playing/researching. I made about 1700 gold using the auction house during the month of play without too … Continue reading

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Deferral and Repetition in Quests and World of Warcraft

In her essay “Quests in World of Warcraft: Deferral and Repetition,” Jill Walker Rettberg explores the purpose of quests in World of Warcraft and suggests that deferral and repetition are the two complementary rhetorical figures that characterize these quests and … Continue reading

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Prior Experience with Video Games

Since we are starting World of Warcraft tomorrow, I thought it would be interesting to see who has played Warcraft before or how much experience people have with video games in general. Personally, I have heard of Warcraft before but have never … Continue reading

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Eric and Driscoll “Movin on Out(Up?)”

“Been meaning to mention this,” Driscoll begins, and gazing at each other like two country singers at a benefit, she and Eric start to sing the old Jeffersons sitcom theme, “Movin on out” (Pynchon 387). In this moment in Bleeding … Continue reading

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Built like a Battleship?

“On days of storm, according to Horst’s co-tenant Jake Pimento, it’s like being in the crow’s nest of a very tall ship, allowing you to look down at helicopters and private planes and neighboring high-rises. “Seems kind of flimsy up … Continue reading

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Technology Connecting the World?

The specific moment I will be focusing on occurs in the opening panels of the “unnamed” chapter involving Takashi Sato. When thinking about the form used throughout this comic, I immediately remembered this chapter because of the fact that it … Continue reading

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