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Every Movie’s Different, So, Why Do They All Look the Same?

Considering our discussions regarding feminism in video games, I thought it would be relevant to reference and discuss this article I have found. While not directly related to video games, the article demonstrates the anti-feminist portrayal of females in pop … Continue reading

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The Chronicles of Warcraft

Option #3, Intertextuality As with any new experience, playing a game for the first time can always feel awkward or intimidating. Since World of Warcraft is such a popular MMORPG, I was even more intimidated by the massive amount of … Continue reading

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21 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Google

Hey fellow peers. Since we’ve been exploring Alexander Galloway’s Protocol, Bogost’s How to Do Things with Videogames, gaming hacks, tips, etc., I thought it would be relevant to share this article I’ve stumbled on. It reminded me of the hack Dan … Continue reading

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Time and Wolfenstein

“Liquor-store cartons full of personal effects are stacked around haphazardly, and most of the limited floor space is littered with unwashed laundry, Chinese take-out containers and pizza boxes, empty Smirnoff Ice bottles, old copies of Heavy Metal, Maxim, and Anal … Continue reading

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In Darkness, There’s More That Meets the Eye than Light

“The rest of the screen is claimed by the abyss — far from an absence, it is a darkness pulsing with whatever light was before light was invented.” (Bleeding Edge, page 75) The chapter begins with Maxine paying a visit … Continue reading

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Pynchon Exposed

Hey guys! In class, I found it interesting in class to learn how reclusive Thomas Pynchon is and that there is so little known about him. I wanted to do some outside research on the guy behind the pen, so I … Continue reading

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Cyborgs against cyborgs

In the chapter, Big Wheel, I could not help but be distracted by a tantalizing concept: cyborgs defeating cyborgs. Now, I am utilizing, of course, this term figuratively and literally. The cyborgs in Global Frequency are representative of which Donna … Continue reading

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