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Chinese Coca Cola Commercial


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Let’s MAP OUT!

When I was playing World of Warcraft (WoW) I found that besides doing quests and dungeons, the mapping of the game is interesting. What I mean by mapping is to create a route for gryphon’s stations, which allow me to … Continue reading

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Y2K to 9/11

As Pynchon is highly allusive to other works of culture, I tried to understand this book as deep as I could. Of course, the major historical event of this book is the 9/11 terrorist attacks. However, there are small minor … Continue reading

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Benford’s Law Begins Everything

The paragraph I chose comes in after Maxine finished a conversation with friends about beanie babies in the end of chapter 4. The book suddenly transitions from this simple topic to a serious discussion on Benford’s Law: “Though it’s been … Continue reading

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Technology and Human Relationships

After reading several chapters in Global Frequency, I picked the moment in Invasive that Ms. Zero, Lana and others break into a room and discover the laptop that initiated the crisis. Lana, who studied memetics and neuroprogramming since 14 years old, … Continue reading

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