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World of Warcraft as Spatial Practice

In the essay A Hollow World: World of Warcraft as Spatial Practice, Espen Aarseth investigates the world of Azeroth as a fictionlized spatial region that resembles a theme park rather than the real world. Aarseth compares other games to each … Continue reading

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Historical and Thermodynamic relations to DeepArcher

“It’s really just another maze, only invisible. You’re drowning for transparent links, each measuring one pixel by one, each link vanishing and relocating as soon as it’s clicked on…an invisible self-recoding pathway, no chance of retracing it.” (p.79, Pynchon) This … Continue reading

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Big Wheel

BIG WHEEL Warren Ellis’s chapter Big Wheel was probably the most standout chapter which kept my mind actively engaged as I continued to read the graphic novel. For me, the scene in which global frequency member 436 talks about her … Continue reading

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