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Sometimes You Want to Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name

“Erich Lohan says: Head on over to the Blue Recluse. Where everybody knows your name!” (World of Warcraft) Erich Lohan, an NPC, can be found wandering through the Mage Quarter of Stormwind City. Players can witness him uttering one of … Continue reading

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World of Warcraft Translates to Life Skills

Here’s an interesting story of a young boy saving himself and his sister using skills taught in WoW!

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A Look at Language in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

I have been involved with the course Computational Methods in the Humanities for the past few semesters as a student, project mentor, and TA. The course teaches students how to analyze documents, whether they be novels, scripts, tweets, poems, lyrics, etc., … Continue reading

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Sex, Murder, Money: Bleeding Edge or a Made-for-TV Movie?

“When it’s Cornelia’s turn she calls ‘Massapequa,’ the second-soprano showstopper from Amy & Joey, an Off-Broadway musical about Amy Fisher that’s been running since 1994 to packed houses.” — Bleeding Edge, 150-51 Maxine joins Rocky and his companions at Lucky … Continue reading

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Untraceability an Impossibility?

And here they all are tonight, converged into this born-again imitation of their own American heartland, here in the bad Big Apple. Blending with this for as long as she can, Maxine finally seeks refuge in the subway, takes the … Continue reading

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Radio Chips and the Cyborg Community

I came across this segment in which Al Sharpton discusses a company in Sweden that is inserting chips into their employees with Julianne Pepitone (there’s no typical Al Sharpton ranting, I promise). Pepitone is senior tech writer at NBCNews. She … Continue reading

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What does a yuppie look like?

Pynchon refers to a number of nameless characters as yups. I’ve heard the term used in a variety of contexts, often in reference to a city slicker. I thought this image does a great job of visualizing the term.

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