A Little Orc History

As one of those most abundant races living on Azeroth., I have come across the Orcs as my personal favorite race because they will fight to the death for the defense of each other and for their adopted world. There is no gender discrimination in the Orc community. They were born in the World of Draenor and were first brought to Azeroth by the Kiljaden. He decided to manipulate and corrupt the Orcs and make them do his dirty work. He convinced them that Dranei were evil and gave them power and tools to exterminate Dranaei. The elements of Draenor refused to battle against Dranaei because they were not the “bad” guys. Kiljaden then gave the Orcs power to become warlocks and Kiljaden even gave some of his own blood to the Orcs. This gave them power to win. However, it unknowingly made them slaves to the Burning Legion and the Orcs now had veins pumping with demon blood. The Orcs eventually went crazy from the demon blood. Sargerus needed the Orcs for his goal to conquer Azeroth because even if they were defeated the planet would be weakened. So, he started the Orc invasion and Stormwind did its best to hold up. Eventually, the king was assassinated and Stormwind fell and people left across the sea. The Orcs eventually rebelled and escaped from the Legion’s command and remained on Azeroth. The Alliance decided they could not kill the Orcs so they put them to hard labor in camps. The Orcs began to fight amongst each other and small rivalries turned into large blood baths. These Orc camps were supposed to be an alternative to execution but they turned out to be horrible places and Orcs were treated miserably. One of the Orcs, Thral, was trained by Blackmore. He wanted Thral to be the perfect leader. However, Blackmore mistreated Thral quite often. Thral escaped the camp and met with many different clan chiefs and liberated the Orcs from these horrible camps. Also, Thral was able to take out Blackmore. In the process, Thral learned that not all people were as evil as Blackmore, so he allowed people who surrendered to be let go. Yet still, tried to form a plan to make peace with Azeroth. Eventually, the Orcs moved from the Eastern Kingdoms to Kalimdor.

If anyone has a favorite race/character on WoW I highly recommend looking up the history on the WoW Wiki. I was surprised to find this narrative so in depth! There are countless other narrative aspects to go along with the Orcs, but I believe their pathway into Azeroth has a great deal to do with the way their society functions. It is quite interesting to see that their character traits today are influenced by their Orc ancestors. It is very similar to Earth and human ancestors.

“Orcs” WoWWiki. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Apr. 2015.

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One Response to A Little Orc History

  1. Dandy Mott says:

    Interesting to learn about orcs! I’m as surprised as you are that the history of orcs is so in depth. I feel like a lot of these aspects, like history, go unnoticed in a game like this, where players are usually more focused on game play than learning about the narrative aspect of the game. I know I definitely didn’t think too much about the history of orcs while playing, but it is interesting to get a background of what happened to them and how they became to be how they are.


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