Bogost says, “Gamification is Bullshit.”

If anyone need some inspiration or just a really cool quick read, Bogost wrote an article for The Atlantic in 2011 called “Gamification is Bullshit.” See it here – this is especially great if you talk about gamification in your final paper!

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2 Responses to Bogost says, “Gamification is Bullshit.”

  1. kab248 says:

    I agree completely, especially since the trend today is to take culture and repeat it (like making the Hobbit into 3 films, Taken 3: We’ve run out of things to take, the whole Divergence copy of the Hunger Games, Fast and Furious 7, Call of Duty I dont even know how many games the’ve made, etc.). The list goes on and on


  2. kab248 says:

    Bo Burnham’s a little vulgar, but I think his satire is one of the best.


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