Oh, you’re one of THOSE guys

While delving further into the issues involving racism with class selection as discussed in class, I also came across a large amount of online material regarding how each class has its own stereotype of gamer as well.  I found out that the human is the most common character with 12% of users selecting to be warriors and the most popular class is a hunter. I have commonly read that these players are the “noobs” who have no real skill and are often children.  The same has been said about the alliance as a whole, in that they are chosen by inexperienced gamers and that the Horde is where it’s at.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I did some reading into what class that I wanted to be before our first day of class and what I found (as re-enforced by the video) was that each class had its own respective stereotype:

Warrior= dumb/simple minded (Hulk smash attitude)

Hunter= “Ooh look how pretty and fluffy my cute pet is” you’re a noob

Rogue= A-hole, sneaks in, sneaks out

Death Knight= I don’t know how to play and want a cool horse

Priest= Boring and very annoying to kill

These were the most common themes I found with each class among others, but after reading forum after forum I found that everyone disliked each class for one reason or another.  So that being said I then turned to a very reliable, accurate, and fool-proof character selection plan and took a quiz that would determine my class based upon 10 multiple choice questions. The link to the quiz I took can be found here: http://www.quizrocket.com/wow-class-quiz

As it turned out the quiz suggested that I should be a Rogue.  Although I don’t think of myself as an a-hole, I did find myself taking a particular liking to the ability of sneaking past people and killing them in “non-honorable” ways with poisons, hemorrhages, etc.  Not thinking that I fit the personality of a “stereotypical Rogue gamer”, I then wonder how these stereotypes arose and stuck with each class.  I personally think having a pet is an awesome thing to have in your arsenal and I certainly don’t think that all Rogues are a-holes.  It is my belief that Blizzard would make each class have just as many advantages and disadvantages such that there is no real “advantage” of choosing one class over another but rather how you use the abilities of the class. Whether or not this holds true with the classes in the game I do no know as I have only played as one class and am not familiar enough with the game to give an accurate answer to this question.  Maybe this “anger” towards a certain class may have to do with how frustrating they may be to kill or fight against?  Regardless, I found this to be an interesting topic as I personally have never associated something in a game to mean that that player is “that guy” but I would be interested to know what you guys think!

(The link to the video mentioned earlier can be found below)

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2 Responses to Oh, you’re one of THOSE guys

  1. KAK249 says:

    I took the quiz and it said I was a Hunter. I’m labeled as a “noob” I suppose. After looking up what a noob actually was… it’s true I am a new player, so I guess I am a noob. I certainly do not act like I know everything about the game which is what the label suggests. Did I just call myself a noob…?

    My question is when is the turning point when you are not labeled a noob anymore? Do you have to reach a certain level before you are respected in the game? Are these noob questions to ask?


  2. kab248 says:

    A couple years ago, races also had certain attributes that were distinct from other races. For example, Dwarfs were better at engineering, and I think they had an advantage when using guns (but don’t quote me on that). So, picking a race also meant picking a certain style of play.


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