You have 20 minutes before the sun blows up

I came across this game called Outer Wilds the other day and it reminded me a lot of games like the Stanley Parable and Dear Esther (if anyone was fortunate enough to experience Michal Cohen’s essay at the Literature Conference).  In Outer Wilds, you play as an astronaut who learns who is finally able to launch into space.  You have the freedom to explore as you like, but after twenty minutes the screen is engulfed in flames and you are sent right back to the Earth.

The opening scene in Outer Wilds.

The opening scene in Outer Wilds.

This game, like The Stanley Parable and Dear Esther, is very minimal in terms of the game mechanics offered to the player.  Exploration of the created game world is literally the only action available for the player, yet still offers a captivating experience.  Anyways, I found this pretty interesting and if you want to see more of Outer Wilds check out the link below.

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