What’s the Deal with DPS?

I tasted playing DPS today.  Maybe it’s just how the Monk Damage specialization works, but I found it incredibly boring.  I didn’t see any finesse to it.  Wait for the tank to draw aggro, then just pound the enemies.  Maybe it feels different when you’re a wizard, raining arcane death upon your foes from afar, but as a Monk?  You’re still just punching.

Is there anybody who really likes DPS?  Am I missing something about it?  Has anyone else played multiple specs/roles and have a favorite?

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5 Responses to What’s the Deal with DPS?

  1. univerrse says:

    I think the thing that is so enticing with DPS characters in any role playing game is the power behind the characters. In terms of MMO’s I feel like damage numbers or how quickly one can kill the enemy is a draw factor for those who choose DPS roles. Glass cannon builds are often the terms for these RPG builds that rely mainly on damage and almost none in defense, what often is the case is that people really like large damage numbers. For me, I find it fun to see that I just crit for 1K on a person whose health is barely past four digits.


  2. kab248 says:

    I am a hunter and use a pet with strong armor to tank while I deal damage. I think it is easier to play solo when you are DPS because you can focus on specific targets to kill, and kill quickly. This is why I chose DPS, especially since I can use my pet to draw damage away from me. I am a lone wolf in almost any game I play, and I think hunter DPS is the best way to accomplish that in WoW. And I agree with univerrse in that I find it much more satisfying to take down enemies than keep my friends alive – I attribute this to the fact that almost all games I buy are First Person Shooters and the main point is to kill other players.


  3. tomhaverford says:

    As a Paladin, I find the Tank role most enjoyable. With the combination of heavy armor and healing, I contribute the most in that role for the group. I’ve never found the Healer role in any game very enticing for the same reason kab248 pointed out, you don’t really get to kill anything. DPS is the only other role I have tried and I agree with you that it’s kind of boring. Perhaps DPS is best left for the ranged attackers, I’d prefer to get into the thick of it.


  4. rivaiheichou says:

    DPS is fantastic for ranged, I play a destruction warlock, which requires more cooldown on his moves than a traditional DPS player would like, but coupled with a small tank-style pet which has a passive ability to increase his own threat level, I get attacked by NPCs less often than most, so I just sit back and rapid fire attacks.


  5. Dandy Mott says:

    Personally, I have not tried DPS in Warcraft because I enjoy playing a tank and being able to take lots of damage, heal myself, and also deal damage at the same time. In other games, I have had experience with DPS and it is fun, like everyone else has mentioned, to deal tons of damage. As univerrse mentioned, glass cannon builds typically mean all damage with little defense. I know in League of Legends, I have built glass cannon champions before and being able to one shot other champions was a lot of fun. The only problem is, you get one shot equally if not more times as well. I think I chose tank in Warcraft because I had prior experience with DPS and I wanted to experience something new.


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