Every Movie’s Different, So, Why Do They All Look the Same?

Considering our discussions regarding feminism in video games, I thought it would be relevant to reference and discuss this article I have found.

While not directly related to video games, the article demonstrates the anti-feminist portrayal of females in pop culture media. Specifically, the author challenges an observation they have made regarding Disney female characters.

The author takes screen shots of various male and female characters in Disney animated movies. She then proceeds to trace an outline around every individual face, highlighting the fact that the diversity between the men’s faces are in complete contrast to the females’, whose faces all take on the same shape and generalized features about them (from facial/head shape, chin, nose, and eye sizes).

This analysis supports the idea of how females are placed into a stereotyped genre of how they should look. All Disney female characters observed possessed a tiny, button-sized nose, large, prominent eyes, and an oval shaped face. In contrast, the male characters’ features varied from square to circular to triangular shaped heads, a dominant, bulky chin structure to average sized, and a range of noses.

Therefore, the gender binary is evident as men are granted an assortment of differing features from one another, while the females are classified into one, distinct look about them.

I couldn’t seem to get the hyperlink option to work, so I will provide the link below in case you are interested!


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