The Creation of Azeroth: Distinctions between Azeroth and Earth

In WoW, the origin of the universe is not clear, but when it was formed, a race of Titans was formed. Their mission was to bring order to the universe and those in charge were called the Pantheon. The champion of the Pantheon goes by the name of Sangeras, and he made it his duty to battle against the chaos that the universe presented. Any being that went against the Pantheon’s mission was disciplined. There was so much evil amongst the universe that Sangeras began to doubt that their mission was going to be successful. He could not understand why the universe was putting up such a strong fight. He addressed other Pantheon members about his doubts, but they would not listen. He was angered and in result transformed into a fiery being of chaos and left the Pantheon. He unleashed evil upon the universe by creating a new league of destruction, named the Burning Legion, in order to destroy the order that the Titans were so desperately trying to create. The Titans continued to successfully achieve order as they traveled from planet to planet until they discovered Azeroth. The elements of Azeroth were fighting amongst each other under the force of the “Old Gods” who thrived off the chaos of the planet. After the Pantheon battled against the Old Gods, they won and banished the Old Gods to a place far beneath Azeroth where they could fight without causing harm to others. The Titans then created beings to help bring order back to Azeroth and left the world behind. The Well of Eternity is a large magical lake that resides in the center of Azeroth and gave energy to the land and to these beings.

Azeroth is comprised of four major continents with minor smaller islands scattered about. Namely, they are Northrend, Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms and Pandaria. At one time, all four major continents were part of one large continent called Kalimdor. After the War of Ancients broke out, the Time Travelers, Demigods, Dragons, Tauren, Night Elves, Earthen, and Furbolgs teamed up to face Sargerus and the Burning Legion. In the end, the night the Night Elf resistance triumphed the battle. Unfortunately, the Well of Eternity had to be destroyed because Sargerus was using it as a portal into Azeroth. During the destruction of the well, it imploded and caused Kalimdor to shatter and explode. This is what created the continents that we know of today in Azeroth. There is now a constant chaotic storm in the sea, where the Well of Eternity once stood.

Through various online videos and reports I gathered data to create the summarized narrative previously presented. What stood out most drastically, was the parallels one could draw between Azeroth and Pangea. For a brief history on Pangea, it is theorized and well accepted in geology that it was Earth’s supercontinent nearly 250 million years ago. All of Earth’s continents today were in a giant clump, much like that of Kalimidor. Deep within our Earth, radioactive elements can be found and as these elements decay they generate heat. The Earth is constantly creating and losing heat and the continents act similar to a blanket keeping the heat from escaping. As you can imagine, the longer the continent sits on one place, the heat builds up. Eventually the heat must escape through what is known as plate tectonics. This is how Pangea was divided into the continents we know today, and they are still slowly moving right now!

Throughout my 2-week long journey of playing Warcraft, I started to create parallels between Earth and Azeroth. However, with every parallel I made, I found a way to refute my own argument. Although the end result in the land separation was similar for Pangea and Azeroth, the processes of the two are very different. The formation of Azeroth did not simply drift apart (through plate tectonics) like Pangea. Azeroth was flooded when the Well of Eternity exploded. The world did not slowly separate like Pangea theory suggests. Instead, Azeroth’s land got covered in water. Furthermore, making new friends on Azeroth is quite similar to making new friends on Earth, at first. Two individuals share the goal of communication through their common interests. This is where the similarity ends. Azeroth is lacking in the way characters cannot convey body language. This can drastically affect the interactions between two people. Also, people generally will only communicate if they 1) want your gold or 2) want you to portal them somewhere. The true intentions of people are ambiguous as they are hidden behind the computer screen. Additionally, the concept of gravity on Azeroth is much lower than on Earth because the characters can jump the height of their body. Also, people can fall from pretty far heights and still survive. Humans on Earth would shatter every bone in their body if they were to fall from some of these heights. Furthermore, the characters in WoW and humans on Earth both aspire to attain professions. However, Earthling professions differ greatly from Azeroth professions. In the game, you can just begin your profession when you choose and be trained while you work. On Earth, most professions require prior knowledge and schooling before starting. Thus, I discovered Azeroth and Earth may seem similar on the surface, but to think of them as parallels is to be mistaken.


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4 Responses to The Creation of Azeroth: Distinctions between Azeroth and Earth

  1. trafalgarlaw9 says:

    While I think that the differences between Azeroth and Earth are important to consider when making this sort of argument. Still, Kalimdor and Pangaea sound similar when you assume that Azeroth has different laws of physics than Earth. With that assumption, the disruption of the Well of Eternity could be considered equivalent to the tectonic disruption that lead to the formation of Earth’s continents. Either way, I think the discussion of Azeroth’s history is really valuable, especially in conversation with different mythologies of Earth’s creation.


  2. KAK249 says:

    I see where you are coming from, but as research denotes, Pangea is the complete separation of the continents. Whereas, Azeroth was covered in water from the Well. These are very different to me. Azeroth is more closely related to Atlantis than it is to Pangea.


  3. rivaiheichou says:

    Near the end of your ordeal, you start to talk about how Azeroth and Earth are different. That is pretty obvious: the game clearly has different physics and biology, and uses magic frequently. It is the up to the developers to make the game “similar” to our real-world lives — there is a constantly fluctuating trade market, and an advanced chat system (almost like having a cell phone in game), among others. In this way, it seems like the citizens of Azeroth parallel those in our universe, should our universe one day gain magic powers.


    • KAK249 says:

      I disagree that the game developer’s goals is to make the game more “Earth Like” as you are suggesting. People who play this game, use it as an escape from our world. Why would people want to escape into a world that parallels the world as we know it?? In the beginning of your comment, you say Azeroth and Earth are OBVIOUSLY different. Then, you suggest that Azeroth citizens parallel citizens in our universe? I am confused on your view.


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