WoW patch notes 6.1.4 – April 1st

With today being April 1st and all, Blizzard sent out an “update,” along with its corresponding patch notes.  This set of release notes is specific to April Fool’s Day, including mostly humorous notes with very few actual fixes described.  These are some of their descriptions of “patches” and “new releases” from today’s release that take the cake:

Warcraft: The Movie: The Game: The Movie –  In a world with NPSs, spirit healers, and damage meters, a movie industry is brewing. Catch your favorite Warcraft characters acting as other Warcraft characters in a fictional world within a fictional world in Warcraft: The Movie: The Game: The Movie.

Twitter integration now has a 50% increased chance of making you feel out of touch with whatever the hell kids are doing these days.

We’ve checked on the members of the band Fun, and they are alive and well despite forum claims to the contrary.

Players who literally can’t even should be able to literally even again.

And the list goes on.

But there seem to be actual fixes to the game listed, too (though I remain skeptical), such as:

Priests: Leap of Faith can no longer be used on players channeling Hearthstone.

Shaman: Lightning Bolt can now only be cast while moving. Stopping or standing still will interrupt the cast.

The patch notes are definitely worth a read.

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One Response to WoW patch notes 6.1.4 – April 1st

  1. Perhaps an idea for Blog Post 3: The History of April Fools in World of Warcraft?


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