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For all of those who may continue playing WoW When I was doing some research for my final paper I came across this website. I wish that I had some of this information prior to starting the game. It provides information on things such as the Auction House, and … Continue reading

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Gold Farming: What’s it like to actually do it for a living?

Turns it out it’s not all that fun to be playing video games for a living, contrary to what many people might think.  Julian Dibbell wrote a fascinating article interviewing and describing life in Chinese gold farms for the New York Times. … Continue reading

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Gold Making Tips for those Continuing to Play WoW

After finishing my final paper, I just thought that I would share some gold making tips that I used or came across while playing/researching. I made about 1700 gold using the auction house during the month of play without too … Continue reading

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A Little Orc History

As one of those most abundant races living on Azeroth., I have come across the Orcs as my personal favorite race because they will fight to the death for the defense of each other and for their adopted world. There … Continue reading

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Bogost says, “Gamification is Bullshit.”

If anyone need some inspiration or just a really cool quick read, Bogost wrote an article for The Atlantic in 2011 called “Gamification is Bullshit.” See it here – this is especially great if you talk about gamification in your final paper!

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Oh, you’re one of THOSE guys

While delving further into the issues involving racism with class selection as discussed in class, I also came across a large amount of online material regarding how each class has its own stereotype of gamer as well.  I found out that the … Continue reading

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The Guild – Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

I recently stumbled onto this video dating back to 2009 during my search for articles concerning self-projection in video games. Even though it is a trailer for a web-series, it does breach the surface of self-projection in video games, particularly … Continue reading

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