Prior Experience with Video Games

Since we are starting World of Warcraft tomorrow, I thought it would be interesting to see who has played Warcraft before or how much experience people have with video games in general. Personally, I have heard of Warcraft before but have never played it. I guess the closest game I have played to Warcraft was RuneScape back in elementary or middle school, which was also a MMORPG. A classmate had shown it to us one day and the whole class began playing it, until our teacher told us that it was using up too much data or something and banned the class from playing it. Other than that, I played games like Super Smash and Mario Party when I was younger and Halo and Call of Duty throughout High school. Freshmen year, I was introduced to League of Legends from kids on my floor and played that for a brief period. What kind of experience does everyone else have with video games?

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5 Responses to Prior Experience with Video Games

  1. riderphilze says:

    I’ve played approximately a gazillion video games. As far as MMORPGs go, I played Runescape twice upon a time and Guild Wars many a moon past. I wasn’t too good at either because nobody’s good at Runescape and I didn’t play much with other people, which is sort of the point of MMORPGs. It felt like a chore but maybe I can have fun.
    I never played WoW before, and I thought I never would. I’ve become used to Cleric in Dungeons and Dragons, so I chose Monk for its healing spells and how it seems to be able to handle an off-tank role. And because I want to punch stuff.


  2. specifictortoise says:

    I don’t actually play too many video games, but I watch so much content based on video games that I fall into that category where I’m still a video game enthusiast (for instance, I don’t own a single Halo game, yet have bought hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise related to that franchise). The closest thing to WOW I’ve played was an older, now-defunct MMO called FusionFall that was basically the exact same thing as WOW but set in a sort of shared universe with all the Cartoon Network Shows (Dexter and Ed Edd ‘n’ Eddy as NPCs, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends as a playable area, etc.) and the more I play WOW I’m recognizing more and more MMO genre conventions that the two games have in common.


  3. tomhaverford says:

    The first time I played video games I was 3 years old when my older brother got a PlayStation. The only game we had at first was Need For Speed and I have been asking for games for birthdays ever since. From games like Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot to games I play now like FIFA and Destiny, I’ve played my fair share of games. However, this will be my first experience with WoW. The only other MMORPG I ever played was RuneScape (the poor man’s WoW) back in elementary/middle school, so I am familiar with a few of the mechanics. Playing WoW now is bringing back a lot of old feels, even though I’ve never played the game before and I guess its just because of the similarities it has with RuneScape. The combat is MUCH more satisfying in WoW, even though both consist of clicking and waiting for a set range of arbitrary numbers to appear over the character’s head indicating how much damage was done. Weird, right?


  4. bagelbite13 says:

    I actually have experience playing Runescape as well. That being said, I was way too addicted to the game at the time and quit when a friend stole my account. That was probably the best thing that has happened to me. Interestingly, Runescape has many similarities to WOW so it has made it easier to become accustomed to.


  5. cso9 says:

    Definitely a Smash Bros. and Mario series fan as well!! I’m pretty old school, if it’s relevant to the Nintendo 64, I’ve probably played it. Also played a bunch of games ranging from Crash Bandicoot on PS to weird hunting games on PC. However, I have never played World of Warcraft prior to this class! I have had many friends who were into it and tried to get me to play, but I hadn’t wanted to dish out the monthly payments. Now that I’ve played it, I can see it being one of those games that becomes easily addicting!


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