Apple: Think Different.

After reading McLuhan’s The Medium is the Message, I was curious as to everyone’s thoughts on how that applies today. He largely bases his argument on how mediums change how we perceive information. Before written language, people relied on the ear to hear stories told orally. Upon the further development of language, people became more visual, as reading and writing took precedence. Since last year was the 50th anniversary of The Medium is the Message, I think it’s interesting to see how the Internet factors into this. The Internet changes not just what we communicate, but how. With social media, instant messaging, picture messages, and so forth, what was previously an individual process (such as reading and writing) is now much more of a group activity as people are able to communicate in an easier fashion. By simply changing the medium in which we receive information, the Internet largely helped change the nature of communication itself.

I found an article that I thought might be interesting on Apple and how its own medium changed the message depicted by modern technology. By boasting a simple format, Apple promoted the message that new technology should be easy to use and accessible, changing the way we use computers, tablets, and cell phones. However, I think the comment on how Apple can use its medium to contradict its message to “Think Different” in the fact that Apple users (myself included) often surround themselves with Apple products, conforming at the same time. Perhaps what was once a “different” idea, to make technology simple, is now the norm, suggesting that as mediums evolve, the message does too.

Read the article!

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