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21 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Google

Hey fellow peers. Since we’ve been exploring Alexander Galloway’s Protocol, Bogost’s How to Do Things with Videogames, gaming hacks, tips, etc., I thought it would be relevant to share this article I’ve stumbled on. It reminded me of the hack Dan … Continue reading

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Second Hand Gaming : experiencing the diegesis through a non-gamic medium.

One aspect of the video game medium that has recently and steadily popularized is the ability for such a medium to be enjoyed at more than a first hand experience. In the past, most people have experienced video games through … Continue reading

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Corrupted Blood: How WoW Can Teach Us About Epidemics

One of the most infamous events in the history of World of Warcraft is the Corrupted Blood incident. This was an event driven by the procedure of debuffs. The Corrupted Blood debuff was part of the first dungeon released for … Continue reading

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What Not To Do In WOW

For those who have never played an MMO before, this is a classic example of what not to do when playing with other people. (Slightly explicit language)

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Prior Experience with Video Games

Since we are starting World of Warcraft tomorrow, I thought it would be interesting to see who has played Warcraft before or how much experience people have with video games in general. Personally, I have heard of Warcraft before but have never … Continue reading

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Stanley Parable on House of Cards

So I know Gabe and Professor Fest watch House of Cards because I always hear them talking about before class starts but I don’t know about anyone else but I also watch it.  Anyways, so I’m sitting here watching on this … Continue reading

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The Ending of Braid

The ending of Jonathan Blow‘s Braid (Redmond, WA: Microsoft Studios, 2008), originally released on Xbox 360.

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