David Cross’s Stand Up Comedy

Bradley mentioned David Cross today during the discussion so I decided to look up his stand up comedy. The one that I believe Bradley was referring to is called Its Not Funny from 2004. The audio playlist can be found on YouTube so I listened to it and the first thing I realized was that the track titles do not correspond to the material in that track. His stand up covers many controversial topics of politics, racism, religion, and terrorism. He touches upon 9/11 and George W. Bush several times throughout his stand up. Even though this was nearly 3 years after 9/11/01, I was still a bit surprised that he was able to joke about it so openly. I would consider myself pretty open-minded but I could see where his stand up could be offensive to some people. Additionally his comedy is very vulgar so be warned if you are going to listen to it. With all of this being said, I do think it was still an interesting point of view to hear regarding many of the topics we have touched upon in our discussions.

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One Response to David Cross’s Stand Up Comedy

  1. Thanks for posting this, though I was actually thinking of Cross’s 2002 album, Shut Up You Fucking Baby. Here’s a link to a bunch of youtube tracks:



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