Wiki-Related Question

I had some information that I really wanted to add to the Bleeding Edge wiki, but seem to have some trouble creating an account to do so. Has anyone managed to make a change to it? If so, any direction on how to form an account would be helpful, as there must be something I’m missing here. Thanks!

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3 Responses to Wiki-Related Question

  1. univerrse says:

    Yeah I also tried to create an account but they have to be accepted by a moderator and it doesn’t seem like the bleeding edge moderator is regularly checking to accept new accounts. Signed up a week ago.


  2. Dandy Mott says:

    I too attempted to create an account but never got accepted.


  3. Ah, this makes me disappointed. Sorry, I didn’t know that you had to get approved by the moderator (and the moderator was not paying attention). I just signed up as a contributor myself and said something about my students trying to sign up (i.e., please accept them as contributors), so hopefully we’ll all hear something soon!


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