The internet

“She’s lost. There is no map. It isn’t like being lost in any of the romantic tourist destinations back in meatspace. Serendipities here are unlikely to be in the cards, only a feeling she recognizes from dreams, a sense of something not necessary pleasant just about to happen.” (Python Page#77)

In Chapter7, this moment describes when it is the first time for Maxine to Log into the DeepArcher program. She gets completely lost in it until her friend Vyrva pulls her back from DeepArcher in the late night. When Maxine is the in the DeepArcher, she is not able to think, not able to analyze, and not able to recognize anything. She just let all the information and the other users go through her. She is like the teenagers who are extremely addicted to violent videogames. They cannot control themselves and just get stuck into it.

The reason why this paragraph interests me is that this tells how the internet is both strong and attractive. There is one sentence later in the same chapter which describes this idea and leaves a great impression on me. “No proven use, high risk, something only early-adoption addicts feel comfortable with.”  (Python Page#78). Based on my experience, these kinds of sentences are kindly used when describing people who are strongly addicted to drugs. When people are taking drugs, they cannot think about anything else but drugs. This sentences reminds me of comparing the DeepArcher Program with drugs. When Maxine is in the DeepArcher program, she cannot think about anything else. In addition, Both Python and our discussions in class mention people can log into the DeepArcher program anonymously and build the projects without being noticed by other people. In the book, Python uses the word “Virtually unseen” to interpret this. These kinds of opinions also have the relationships with ideas we discussed in class about “Panopticism.” “It is rather that the individual is carefully fabricated in it, according to a whole technique of forces and bodies.” (Panopticism, Page#217). Everyone fabricates themselves when they are online, they hide their real personalities when they are online. When you are online, like Maxine in the DeepArcher, you will be very likely to lose control of yourself. However, everyone is anonymous and I will feel very scared when I was watched by thousands of people who I know nothing about.

Based on this paragraph, Python clearly and obviously shows the structure he uses. Although Python does not use the views of first person, each reader can vividly realize and see how everything happens on the character. Although we do not login into the DeepArcher program, we readers can see how Maxine feels when she logs into the DeepArcher program. Python uses his words and sentences to draw a picture to let readers see how everything is going.

For me, this paragraph is pretty interesting for me. I think everyone has experience about when you are searching online, playing video games or watching movies, then you forget the time and after you realize the time, you have already put lots of time in it. After comparing the ideas about “Virtually unseen,” and “early-adoption addicts” with the paragraph I pick, I feel a little scared and worried about the internet. Python describes the DeepArcher and internet with endless potential. After people log into the internet, this is like they are entering into a huge place, like the universe. When people are on the internet, they cannot think or analyze anymore. They are watched by the other people who have already fabricated and pretended. We do not know how or what other people are thinking or doing when they are watching us. All of them are anonymous.  We do not analyze the internet. We just go through and get stuck into this.

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2 Responses to The internet

  1. lostmythics says:

    Yeah I’ve had such things occur whenever I’m just even on a computer. I feel like though it’s not just relegated to the internet and games however. That kind of time-addiction happened to me with books when I was growing up. It’s the fact that these narratives are so compelling, that they create this world that’s so different from ours or even uncannily similar. Before we had virtual avatars in which to be incarnated as, there were times when I would like nothing better but to put myself into the novel, create an avatar of myself that would fit into the narrative. These kind of addictions may not be too harmful, but thanks for pointing them out!


  2. smaugonthewater says:

    I agree that using the internet is not an easy task to do without being swept up in its immensity. The vastness can also extremely useful, in that one can find anything needed somewhere on the internet. It may be a large place but its potential outweighs the negatives. I think the internet is what you make of it.


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