Machinima and Monty Oum

I thought it was coincidental that we talked about machinima on Tuesday’s class. As we discussed, machinima is “a method of making animated film using software similar to that designed for making video and computer games.” Recently Monty Oum, a well known machinima artist passed away from a severe allergic reaction. He was the head animator for Rooster Teeth, an online based entertainment company that is responsible for the well known series Red vs Blue.

Here is one of his more viewed work  :

And here is a clip that shows his masterful choreography from Red vs Blue :

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One Response to Machinima and Monty Oum

  1. specifictortoise says:

    I’m the one that brought up Machinima in class. I’ve been a fan of RVB since 2008 and I’ve been gradually branching out to other Rooster Teeth shows (I still have a lot to catch up on). I was very sad to hear the news.


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