What does a yuppie look like?

Pynchon refers to a number of nameless characters as yups. I’ve heard the term used in a variety of contexts, often in reference to a city slicker. I thought this image does a great job of visualizing the term.

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One Response to What does a yuppie look like?

  1. bagelbite13 says:

    Every time I see the word “yuppie” I can’t help but think of the now famous show, “Duck Dynasty.” The patriarch of the family, Phil Anderson, constantly refers to his grandchildren, who are now seamlessly assimilating into the technology age, as yuppies. If you look at the picture attached, you can make the connection as to why Phil views his technology savvy grandchildren as yuppies, negative connotation and all. The man grew up in the middle of nowhere and would prefer to keep it that way.


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