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Metal Gear, the Cold War, and the Future

I strongly considered writing about this for my third blog post since it already fell within the portion of the novel that I was analyzing but found that it was more than enough material to stand on its own.  Anyway… … Continue reading

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David Cross’s Stand Up Comedy

Bradley mentioned David Cross today during the discussion so I decided to look up his stand up comedy. The one that I believe Bradley was referring to is called Its Not Funny from 2004. The audio playlist can be found on YouTube so … Continue reading

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Geek ‘n Sleep

An unsurprised nod. “Bust he is, I don’t know, a suspect in something?” Gazing toward a neutral corner, voice softening to edgelessness, The Geek That Couldn’t Sleep. A make-believe horror movie we used to pretend we were in. Gabe was … Continue reading

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Break on Through (To the Other Side)

I chose to write about a reference on page 273. Igor describes Russian films when he adds, “not to mention greatest animated film ever made, Yozhik v Tumane (1975).” Maxine hears spasmodic sniffling and looks in the front seat to … Continue reading

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U.S. Government — Pynchon’s Commentary of Our Evils

“Same as Nicaragua, El Salvador, Ronald Reagan and his people, Schachtmanite goons like Elliott Abrams, turning Central America into a slaughterhouse all to play out their little anti-Communist fantasies. Guatemala by then had fallen under the control of a mass … Continue reading

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Chill Out America

We spent a lot of time last week discussing the fact that Pynchon only gives the actual event of 9/11 a few pages, why he did this, and what he could be trying to tell us. I originally thought it … Continue reading

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“I’M EVIL” and Truthful

“Soon as they step out of the elevator they can hear Elvis-movie music. ‘Uh-oh,’ Tallis looking for her keys. Before she can find them, the door is flung open and a less-than-towering presence starts in with the emotions. Behind him … Continue reading

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