Eyeborgs, cyborgs, etc. etc.

Hey everyone! I found a wonderful TED talk given by an artist who wears what he likes to call an “eyeborg.” Long story short, he was born blind and so this device he wears was created to transduce light frequencies into sound frequencies (technology can be incredibly awesome sometimes…) and so now he has the amazing––posthuman/cyborg––ability to hear colors or pretty much any visual input that is originally processed in your brain from light frequencies. Worth a watch!

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One Response to Eyeborgs, cyborgs, etc. etc.

  1. cso9 says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this. Not only do I love TED talks, but this is a great example of the “positive” side of the advancement of technology. The scientific aspect of the “eyeborg” is simply fascinating. My grandfather, who was an artist and pianist, used to always tell me to “live life through color and sound,” so this video reminded me of him. It’s great to know that Neil Harbisson, despite his deficit, can also do the same through this impressively advanced technology. Great video.

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