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Eyeborgs, cyborgs, etc. etc.

Hey everyone! I found a wonderful TED talk given by an artist who wears what he likes to call an “eyeborg.” Long story short, he was born blind and so this device he wears was created to transduce light frequencies into sound frequencies … Continue reading

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Some ideas about Pynchon’s different kinds of novels

Before I read Thomas Pynchon’s novel “Bleeding Edge”, I have a chance reading his another novel named “Vineland 1990”. As far as I am concerned, these two novels are completely different types of novel. In “Vineland 1990”, Pynchon talks about … Continue reading

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Pynchon on The Simpsons

Hey all!! Here’s links to Thomas Pynchon poking fun at his reclusive nature on The Simpsons. The episodes are “Diatribe of a Mad Housewife” and “All is Fair in Oven War,” and it turns out he even voiced himself, which is … Continue reading

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No, Maxine, an Avatar isn’t Reincarnation

When Maxine goes to Vyrva’s to check out DeepArcher, she comments that “in the Hindu religion avatar means an incarnation.  So I keep wondering–when you pass from this side of the screen over into virtual reality, is that like dying … Continue reading

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A Few Useful Links for Bleeding Edge

I found a potentially useful link that might help with digesting Pynchon’s writing style. It has helped me to understand his twisting style thus far. Also, as suggested by Dan Willis, here is a link to the characters wikipedia page … Continue reading

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Irony and Peripeteia

I just came across this article that discusses plot twists in narrative (including comics) and thought that it raised some interesting points not only about experiencing twists but writing them as well. Enjoy!

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No, Mass Surveillance Won’t Stop Terrorist Attacks

In the wake of our discussion regarding Global Frequency and the impact of 9/11, I found this article was especially relevant. The article discusses the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of increasing surveillance in efforts to prevent attacks. A few reading responses touched on the use … Continue reading

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